The Clavicle Gate

by Michael Var Fickle




The use of the word "alternative" to describe music is greatly overused. Especially since completely mainstream artists such as REM and Green Day can use it. But despite its overuse, "alternative" is the word I use to describe Mr. Fickle's music. He does not do music for the masses. He doesn't even do music for other people. He doesn't use common musical forms or clichés as a crutch. His music and lyrics are deeply personal and completely his own.

The beauty, yes beauty, of Mr. Fickle's music is learning to understand and appreciate his rules. This is not "easy" music. It's not simple music. It's different music. And if you're willing to go someplace different, this is the music for you.

And this is the important part, despite being an alternative to mainstream, his music lacks the pretense and atonal chaoticness usually associated with such music. In other words, his music is not odd for the sake of being odd. His music strictly follows his own rules and those rules are not broken for the sake of being different. His music is listenable and surprisingly catchy. But at a much deeper level than what you're generally used to.

Do you remember the first time you heard a great album such as Tom Verlaine's Television or Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombones? Those albums stuck with you for their brilliant uniqueness. You can't forget them. The Clavicle Gate is such an album. - Ima Fish

1. Obligatory Intro
2. Unsaid(precious to me)
3. Nickles And Dimes, Baby
4. Halt My Hands
5. What To Do
6. Twelve Years Between Coins
7. Guidance
8. Is It You Or Is It Me?
9. You're a Fake, You're a Fraud...And I'm Your Biggest Fan
10. Cynical Show
11. On My Head
12. So Worn You're Warm (Ugly)

The Clavicle Gate, released 06 August 2013
MVF: vocals, guitar & piano
Keith Thomson: bass
Dave Perry: drums
Damen Thompson: guitar

Jeff Zielinski: drums on tracks 2,7,8 & 9
Dave Schall: guitar on tracks 8 & 11
Jim Fourniadis: bass & background vocals on tracks 11 & 12
Chad Knight: drums on tracks 11 & 12
Josh Sokal: additional bass on track 2

Produced by MVF
All songs by MVF


released 06 August 2013



all rights reserved


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Michael Var Fickle Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Fresh off the reports of his death, Michael Var Fickle checked his pulse, took a look in the mirror & decided it was time to make more music. The story of his death revolved around a bike, a car & uh,....i don't really care. He looks good for a dead guy and his trip to the other side loaded him up with many new songs & yet another new voice. Check out his latest release "The Clavicle Gate." OK? ... more

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Track Name: Guidance
i'm not alone
we've been thru this before
is money and sensation all we can adore?
looking for an abode
thru tender trees
yet a sudden snap does not bother me
and i want guidance
i see the limb lay limp and reach out towards me

i've been repaired
been in love before
only to resent the message meant to restore
a faltered faith
can't find a trace
well, ravage me with disgust or nurture a disgrace

and i want guidance
what does want need with was
will want was need to stay?
and i need guidance
i'm aware that i was wrong
can you still look at me?

i push the pulse minus heartache
test the nerves blessed on give and take
and forsake the mistake hidden by the night
with want of was i willingly partake
ease the muscle and wait to break
the feeling fades
is this right?

i'm on my way
vision blurred
following a car not knowing who or where to
and if they should swerve
should i swerve to
and what of those behind
will they benefit to?

and i think guidance
do i need to be so strong
merit does not equal weight
and i want guidance
do i need to push the place that wishes to remain?

la da da da da da